On any given night, we offer a wide variety of fish selections from around the globe. From Tilapia and Chilean Sea Bass to Rainbow Trout and Salmon, our market-fresh fish is cooked to perfection over a wood-burning grill and then topped with a fresh-grilled lemon or your choice of one of our complementary Signature Sauces.

Our menu may vary by location based on availability and regionality.


Chilean Sea Bass

This rich, melt-in-your-mouth fish is tender, buttery, and moist with large, thick flakes.

Atlantic Salmon

Mild and moist, salmon has a buttery texture.

Sea Scallops & Shrimp

The most widely available of Scallops, the Sea Scallop also has the boldest of flavor. Stemming from the Gulf of Mexico, this Shrimp is sweet and meaty.

*NEW!* Ahi Tuna Steak

Yellowfin Tuna has an unmistakable mild flavor and is ruby red in appearance. This melt-in-your-mouth fish is clearly the "filet of the sea."

Rainbow Trout

Delicate in flavor, this Idaho Trout has a tender, flaky texture.


Clean and sweet-tasting, Tilapia has a slightly firm, white and flaky texture.

Cold Water Lobster Tails

A symbol of extravagance, this lush, sweet tasting meat is wonderful when steamed.



*NEW!* Lime Tomato Garlic

Warm Mango Salsa

A sweet and zesty mango salsa made fresh in house.

Herb Pesto

A sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, Italian parsley, flavored with garlic and red pepper.

Pan Asian

A sweet Asian glaze.

Lemon Butter

A classic for the fresh fish lover looking for a delicate complement to any fish selection.

Our menu may vary by location based on availability and regionality.

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Online Ordering and Delivery Services

Please note: Bonefish Grill does not provide any online ordering or delivery services. Any company or service that offers to deliver Bonefish Grill food is neither authorized nor condoned by Bonefish Grill or Bloomin' Brands, Inc. We ask that you not utilize these unauthorized services because they typically charge a significant mark-up on our food, do not maintain the quality of the food to Bonefish standards and often, despite your paying them a service charge and tip, do not tip the hard-working Anglers who take care and pride in preparing your meal. Bonefish Grill is not responsible for any pricing established by or any service provided by any online ordering or delivery company.