Our bartenders respect the fact that some classic drinks just don't need a lot of help, and our more inventive recipes will leave you crunching on the ice and ready for more.

Parker's Margarita

Parker's Margarita

Founder - Chris Parker's Favorite, Finished with fresh OJ + Grand Marnier floater

Patrón’s Perfect Cucumber Margarita

*NEW!* Patrón's Perfect Cucumber Margarita

Patrón Silver, fresh lime + English cucumber. Topped with a hint of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur + rimmed with salt + pepper for a perfect finish.

*NEW!* Modern Mojito

A classic favorite of Ernest Hemingway with a modern twist. Pyrat amber rum, homemade fresh mint simple syrup, a hint of orange + Grand Marnier.

Signature Red or White Sangria

*NEW!* Signature Red or White Sangria

Choice of Blackberry Red or Sparkling Mango White

Our menu may vary by location based on availability and regionality.

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